45 havanese rescue

Havaneses are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world. They are known for their beautiful coats and loyal personalities. If you’re looking for a majestic pup to add to your family, a havanese is an excellent choice.

There are many reputable pet dealers who will be happy to sell you a healthy, well-behaved havanese puppy. You’ll need to make sure that you find a breeder who knows what they’re doing and follows standard breeding practices. It’s also important to choose a puppy from a well-bred litter; not all havanese puppies come from loving homes.

If you’re interested in buying a havanese puppy, be prepared to invest some time and money into training it properly. This breed is not easy to train and requires consistent reinforcement of rules and instructions. Make sure that you have ample supplies for dog training – treats, toys, etc – so that your pup doesn’t develop any bad habits at an early age.

When you’re ready to add a new member to your family, take a look at the havanese puppies available in Florida. These dogs have a unique temperament and appearance that will make them perfect companions. With their fluffy coats and expressive eyes, they are sure to brighten your day. If you’re looking for an older dog that’s already been obedience trained and has some experience with kids, then a havanese puppy may be right for you. They are gentle creatures that are easy to train, but can also be protective if needed. If you’re interested in finding a breeder who is reputable and has many years of experience raising havanese puppies, check out clubs or websites like There, you can read reviews from other buyers before making your decision.

45 havanese rescue


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